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Cash Texts Get Paid to Receive Text Messages

22 Dec
It’s FREE! So Why Not?
Details are.
It’s launching this month. Now in beta mode!
Get started now and build your team!
Totally FREE to Join. Totally FREE Always.
You Never Pay Anything!
You commit to receiving 5 texts per day.
You can do only 2 or 3 or 4 or 5
But at 5 texts per day..You choose your category
of which texts you would like to, clothes, movies..etc.
You pick the time you would like to get the texts.

IF you choose 5 texts per day. You get paid $7.50 for the month.
Not much but get this.

You may sign as many people up to do the same as you would like.
You make $7.50 per month off of each of them.
And everybody they sign up 5 levels down.
So if you have
10 people $75.00 per month.
100 People $750.00 per month.
1000 People $7500.00 per month.
That oughta pop your eyes outta your head!!

8 Oct

Cash Texts – Texting is going GPT. Cash Texts Site in prelaunch to get members and to offer advertisers a better product! This will

be huge!!

Follow this thread, more info about the program will be released before we launch! Don’t miss out!

This program is 100% free to join! $5 min payout!

How will this work?

CashTexts  system works off of texting. The company will text people (USA only to get texts) and pay out per text. If you

are not in the USA you can join and still promote and earn from the 5 level unilevel.

It pays out like this:
You – 5 cents per text

then 5 levels in the unilevel.
1. 5 cents per person on this level
2. 1 cent per person on this level
3. 1 cent per person on this level
4. 1 cent per person on this level
5. 5 cent per person on this levels

So that’s pretty powerful for a GPT.

Jump in it’s 100% free and will pay via AP.

Great pre-launch is going great! We will have a recording, video and FAQ on the site soon.